Mahlia Amantina

Best Foot Forward


Self-taught abstract colourist, Mahlia Amatina creates art with a story behind each painting. Influenced by colour & narrative, Amatina adds her own unique take on abstraction. As her video here explains, ‘Best Foot Forward’ was inspired by her time spent traveling in Nepal, witnessing the powerful spirit of the people ‘putting their best foot forward’ with positive energy in difficult circumstances following two earthquakes.

Artist: Mahlia Amantina

Title: Best Foot Forward

Size: 82 x 59 cm

Materials: Acrylic on canvas

Signed: On canvas and separate certificate

Date: 2015

Price: £400

Charity: We’ll give £12 to Scope

Delivery: £15

Q: How quickly will I receive my art?
A: We aim to ship all art within 7 days of order, then it will take 1-3 days to be delivered, depending on the location. If it’s super urgent then contact us and we’ll see if we can speed this up, depending on whether it’s one of our collection or held by one of our artists.

Q: Can I return the art for any reason?
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Q: What do I do if I want to return the art?
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Q: What if the art arrives damaged?
A: While this has not happened so far, if it does occur then we just ask you to take a photo and email us. Then we will arrange to collect the piece under our 100% return guarantee and you will be reimbursed.

Q: Why is delivery an additional charge?
A: Art comes in an infinite range of sizes, weights and formats so delivery charges need to be bespoke. More importantly, the value of any specific art piece at a given time should be 100% based on the art itself rather than any logistics over its life

Q: How is the delivery charge calculated?
A: It is based on the estimate by the artist, who packs and arranges delivery to you directly (except for any pieces directly held in our own collection)

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Q: How do you select your art?
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Q: How do you verify the authenticity?
A: As well as artist signatures, we have direct and personal contact (not automated) with our artists and often see the work in person first. Our aim to accompany each painting with a video also adds further significant verification rarely seen elsewhere

Q: I’m an artist, how do I sell my work on your site?
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